WorldCIST'14 - The 2014 World Conference on Information Systems and Technologies

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Toward an Ethical Framework for Web-based Collective Intelligence

Web-based collective intelligence intends and deserves to become a full discipline, with its formal framework, tools, measuring instruments, practical applications, and ethical field. As of yet, a little attention has been paid to study the ethical dimension in the role of web-based collaborative systems in harvesting the collective intelligence. The present study aims to develop an ethical framework for the Web-based collective intelligence in business organizations. Based on a combination of previous ethical frameworks that regulate the ethical behavior in the age of information societies, moral intelligent theories, and ethical theories of collaborative business environments, five layers of ethical principles were identified. These include the morality of collective decisions, compliance with laws and regulations, the collective truthfulness, the collective transparency and responsibility, and the greatest benefits for the greatest number of stakeholders.


Khaled Omoush    
Al-Zaytoonah University of Jordan


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