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Expanding Scientific Knowledge Frontiers: Open repositories in Developing Countries Supported by NRENs

The current scenario of Internet operation has brought many challenges and opportunities to science as result of the evolution of tech- nologies and network infrastructures, key enablers to information access at distinct levels. Regarding research and teaching, scientific Open Ac- cess (OA) repositories play a key role in the production, dissemination and sharing of knowledge. OA repositories improve the visibility, acces- sibility and availability of results from teaching and research activities, contributing to the knowledge society through the provision of scientific publications without restrictions.
Taking worldwide OA initiatives and the Portuguese experience as case study, this paper analyzes technical challenges and strategies for building open repositories supported by National Research and Education Net- works (NRENs) in the African context. Considering Mozambique as the main target of this paper, the study of: (i) existing national and interna- tional initiatives; (ii) MoRENet - the Mozambique Research and Educa- tion Network; and (iii) SABER repository, will support the proposal of a set of directives and policies for the development and sustainability of a common OA platform for scientific and academic national production. We believe that this open repository will bring an undeniable added value for Mozambique knowledge growth, fostering the country development at both scientific and social levels.


Marangaze Munhepe Mulhanga    
Universidade do Minho

Solange Rito Lima    
Universidade do Minho

Venâncio Massingue    
Universidade Eduardo Mondlane

João Nuno Ferreira    
Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia


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