WorldCIST'13 -The 2013 World Conference on Information Systems and Technologies

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Towards a Security Solution for Mobile Agents

National Computer Science School of Algiers (ESI) Algiers

Houari Boumedienne Sciences and Technologies University of Algiers (USTHB) Algiers

University Toulouse 1 Social Sciences, Toulouse

The current distributed systems are mainly based on the client – server model. The growing use of the Internet and the development of information and communication technologies has yielded more needs in terms of performance, relia-bility and security of information. By its synchronous nature, the client – server model no longer seems able to meet these new demands. Several new approaches have been proposed, for example the mobility of the code, involving the emergence of the mo-bile agents’ paradigm (MA). This paradigm certainly holds great promise, though questions of security arise.
In this paper, we propose an extension of the MA model called Seller – Buyer model (SB). This extension is made by making the server component mobile and us-ing market mechanisms between the client agent (the buyer) and the server agent (the seller). While most of works in the area propose asymmetric security solutions, the SB model proposes a symmetric security approach for the MA. The SB model will give the developers a way to use, safely and efficiently, MA to build distributed ap-plications on large-scale networks such as the Internet.


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