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CISTI'2020 - 15th Iberian Conference on Information Systems and Technologies

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Ontology of Social Machines

The inclusion of computing in society through personal devices has led to the discussion of Social Machines. Social Machines represent information systems that establish connections through certain restrictions to deal with the complexity of services and operations, including the spread of the Web as a programming platform. It is a combination of computational and social elements. One of the problems identified in existing research is the lack of standardization of concepts, which leads to differences in the evolution and maturity of the theme. In this research proposal, some definitions on the subject are addressed, and the objective is to build an ontology of Social Machines, taking into account the construction of a Taxonomy. Using a systematic mapping and criteria of a systematic review, the research addresses the challenges in this area, which are the consolidation of the theme and the growth of future research related to the topic.

Brunno Souza


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