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CISTI'2020 - 15th Iberian Conference on Information Systems and Technologies

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Digital Audiovisual Narratives as depression literacy promoters

Using audiovisual content as a health promotion resource may stimulate its target audience’s attention to it and contribute to the success of educational and health promotion campaigns. This paper describes the development process of a psychoeducational intervention called DEEP (Depression among Portuguese University Students), which assists Portuguese University Students with a set of tools to deepen their knowledge of depression as an illness. Psychoeducational intervention DEEP consists of a digital audiovisual narrative in web series format (“Sarah’s wound”) and is part of a set of short videos and challenges. The audiovisual content produced on depression literacy is aimed at sensitizing Portuguese University Students in a flexible, pedagogical and interactive way. The intervention was structured based on a mixed approach under the methodological framework of Audiovisual Design and Transmedia Storytelling. The study of impact component will follow a quasi-experimental design. The process related to the development and validation of DEEP intervention, with a pre-test described in this paper, contributed to consolidating knowledge of the potential of digital audiovisual narratives to produce educational and health promotion interventions, in particular regarding depression literacy among younger generation segments of the population.

Lersi Dayana Quintero Durán
DigiMedia, Departamento de Comunicação e Arte, Universidade de Aveiro

Ana Margarida Almeida
Departamento de Comunicação e Arte, Universidade de Aveiro

Margarida Braga
Universidade de Porto


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