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CISTI'2020 - 15th Iberian Conference on Information Systems and Technologies

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Flipping college mathematics classroom

The use of technology in mathematics instruction has recently received much attention in education research. However, the concept of flipped classroom is relatively new particularly in Sub Saharan Africa higher education classroom. This study compares the effectiveness of flipped classroom, small group discussion, and group work and presentation on college students’ achievement in decision making theory. The study employs both qualitative and quantitative methods whereby data are collected through in class tests and questionnaires respectively. One hundred twenty one bachelor degree students pursuing business studies and IT, form the study population. Descriptive statistics, Kruskal Wallis and One way ANOVA are used to analyze the quantitative data while qualitative data are analyzed through content analysis. Results reveal improvement in the performance of students in small group discussion and flipped classrooms. It was found that small group discussion had higher effect on learning gains than flipped classroom but the difference was not statistically significant. About lesson enjoyment, non-significant differences were found but a small effect size favored flipped classroom. Qualitative results indicate that, students had pleasant learning experiences, active learning, and improved outcomes. With regards to academic self–efficacy, non-significant differences were observed, however a small effect size was in favor of small group discussion. Qualitative findings reveal that, the use of collaborative learning strategies, frequent tests and exercises, and technology tools can improve students’ academic self-efficacy. The findings encourage lecturers to make use of collaborative learning strategies, regular assessment as well as online videos to enhance students’ academic achievement

Mzomwe Mazana
College of Business Education

Lembris Njotto
College of Business education

Solomon Oyelere
University of Eastern Finland


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