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CISTI'2020 - 15th Iberian Conference on Information Systems and Technologies

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Teacher's Needs Concerning with Moodle and the Impact of Training Received in the Use of the Platform - A Case Study in Higher Education

The fact that some researchers emphasized that there is an underutilization of the potencial of Learning Management Systems (LMS) has increased our interest in verifying what was happening in the institution where we teach. As a result of these studies carried out and published previously, we found that teachers often referred to the need they felt for technical, pedagogical and didactic training for their practice as teachers, in an expectation of optimizing the use of the Moodle platform. The present paper has as its object the presentation of the study on the impact of training wished for and carried out by the teachers of a Polytechnic Institute of Higher Education in their pratices with the Moodle Platform.

S. Marisa Rodrigues


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