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CISTI'2020 - 15th Iberian Conference on Information Systems and Technologies

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Modelo y Simulación de un Mercado de Energías Renovables: Integración de Fuentes de Energías Renovables con el Sistema de Generación Convencional

The present work uses a simulation model based on a systems dynamics approach to representing the complex behavior of the national electricity market under different scenarios analysis. One of the most relevant aspects of the model is the integration of renewable technology resources with the conventional generation system and, the second one is the internalization of the environmental costs due to the CO2 emissions by a specific technology. The goal of the model is to analyze how these kinds of scenarios impact on the expected return on investment, the socio-economic development of the population, for quality of life and, then analyze the possible barriers that could limit the integration of renewable sources in the electricity market and their opportunities to be developed under a decision making policies. The main results of this approach were the negative impact of the emissions penalizations for the non-renewable technology and, the way to understand how can, the diversification of the electricity matrix can be in the same interconnected system to guarantee the energy supply.

Johnny Valencia-Calvo
Universidad de Medellín - Universidad de Aysén

Gerard Olivar-Tost
Universidad de Aysén - Universidad Nacional de Colombia

Moisés García-Ortega
Instituto Tecnológico de Toluca


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