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CISTI'2017 - 12ª Conferência Ibérica de Sistemas e Tecnologias de Informação

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Validation of a cognitive training software with health professionals

During the aging process, cognitive decline occurs in different functions such as memory, language, executive functions and attention. In this sense, TV Neurones, a cognitive training software, was developed and can be used by health professionals to maintain and/or restore cognitive abilities of older people. However, there are no validation studies of the Portuguese version of TV Neurones. This study aimed to contribute to the validation of the Portuguese version of the TV Neurones. Specifically, it was intended to analyze the acceptability of this software of cognitive training with health professionals. A qualitative exploratory and descriptive study was conducted. The sample comprised 11 health professionals with, at least, 3 years of working experience with adults with neurocognitive decline. Data collection instruments included a socio-demographic questionnaire and a semi-structured interview. Data was analyzed using content analysis technique. As main findings some categories have emerged: i) TV neurones is a relevant cognitive training tool for people with cognitive impairments; ii) presents some advantages; iii) presents some limitations; iv) is useful to stimulate cognitive functions; v) presents progressive levels of difficulty; vi) has an adequate association to the different cognitive functions; vii) possible improved suggestions; viii) professionals and clinical cases for which the software is most suitable. The results obtained have contributed to the validation process of the Portuguese version of the TV Neurones allowing acknowledging the potential and limitations of this software for people with cognitive impairment.


Marisa Lousada    
University of Aveiro - School of Health Sciences

Lara Fonseca    
University of Aveiro - Department of Medical Sciences

Daniela Figueiredo    
University of Aveiro - School of Health Sciences


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